Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Checking In

I feel it's been a while since my last update, so I'm stopping in. I don't really have a particular topic in mind, I just...don't feel like working on my thesis. I did some data entry into Excel earlier today while watching Young Frankenstein as the rain poured outside. In less than two weeks I'm hoping to have my data more or less analyzed for my defense. It feels strange that the end is in sight, and surprisingly, I'm not any more excited or motivated to work on it than usual. As long as I get something done each day, I feel more or less content.

In other news, still plowing through Dickens' Bleak House, and am now about 600 pages in. About a week ago I wrote down some ideas in my paper journal that I'd had about reading while I was washing the dishes. I thought about how I typically can't wait to finish a novel, with my eye constantly on the stack of books I want to read next. I sometimes rush through endings, reading practically nonstop until I'm done. With Bleak House, however, I don't necessarily feel that rush. My eyes do stray; for example, I'd love to pick up Tina Fey's autobiography at some point. I have so many books I'd like to read, but I don't feel myself rushing through this one. Part of it may be the language--it's difficult, but I love it. I can get "lost" in descriptions  of buildings, characters, scenarios, etc. It keeps me in the present. 

To make a bit of a logical leap, perhaps that's a good thing about my present troubles. When I'm fully in the present I'm not as preoccupied with the past and I can't expend as much energy worrying about the future. As someone told me, our twenties are a time when we're allowed to experiment and make mistakes. There's always something else that needs to be done. My apartment is a mess, there are bills to pay, and there is always more work to be done on my thesis. I'm trying to just take life one day at a time and enjoy it.

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